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My intent is to create video software tutorials of the highest quality. All to often when I try to find a video tutorial on a subject, I end up having to watch at least 10 videos before I find one that even shows enough information to follow along. There always seems to be left out information, steps, and explainations.

How These Tutorials Stand Out From The Rest

    • Every Single Step Is Shown & Explained
    • No Assumptions Are Made Of Knowledge
    • All Steps Are Spoken So You Can Follow Along Just By Listening
    • Zooming Is Provided So That You Can See And Read Exactly What Is Happening
    • Important Information Is Highlighted. This Allows Your Eye To Quickly Go Between The Software Being Worked With And The Software Tutorial
    • The Closed Captioning Is Written By Hand So That It Is Accurate And Can Be Translate Into Any Language With The Built In Google Translate Capability

I have been on YouTube creating video software tutorials since November 17th, 2011. Since then I have created 40 videos on the following categories.

    • Windows Repair & Recovery
    • Windows Tips & Tricks
    • Windows Features & Preferences
    • Free Open Source Software
    • Audio/Video Editing
    • Password Recovery
    • 3D Modeling
    • & More

Want A Video You Don't See? I Will Create A Custom Video Software Tutorial For You

If there is a tutorial you would like to see me create, send me the info on the Contact Form, and I'll be happy to create it for you.

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Since my auto accident I am unable to work, and this is my sole source of income now, through the advertising revenue from YouTube. If you find these tutorials useful and would like to help fund the creation of more video tutorials, there is a "Donate" button at the top of each page. Any donation, no matter how small, will be most appreciated. Even if you only have $1 to give, I will be greatful.